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Homes4WoundedHeroes Testimony

We are in the final process of transferring the deed of the house over to us, lots of good people behind the scene to make this process smooth and painless.


Like we have mentioned before, there is no words to describe how grateful we are, grateful to MWSF, donors and lots of other generous people that made this possible.

The feeling is like what we felt over in the beginning of this journey, unreal, happiness, and tears. We can’t believe that this beautiful home is ours, a home that offers us a sacred space to retreat from our daily lives issues, a home that offers us a sense of safety, a home that is bringing lots of good memories past and future.


Over the three years we have experienced the joy of doing some beautification projects outside and inside. This experience has also brought me some sense of calm and relaxation and pride. It is kind of therapeutic for me to work around the house, because I knew that after three years, this beautiful home will be ours and the feeling of a proud homeowner.


MWSF not only donated this house to us, but they have also provided a safety blanket over the shoulders of myself and my family. They also provided us with a very kind and helpful, financial mentor.


A financial mentor who has educated me and my wife on how to better manage our finances, and about the many responsibilities of being a homeowner. With their help, we have finally paid off all of our debt, debt that couldn’t allow us to own a home.


With their help, we can gladly say that we are ready to tackle the many responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. And the responsibilities of using money and credit in a responsible way.


I don’t get tired of saying this but I truly believe that MWSF is the true definition of what making a difference looks like, they’re building hopes, dreams, joy and happiness for our Combat Wounded Veterans and their families, Gold Star families and many others.


My family and I will be forever grateful to you, the many other donors and countless people that made this amazing nonprofit organization possible and our dream of owning a beautiful home.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much and God bless you all.


The Oribio’s Family

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