Throwback Thursday 8.29.2019

Back in 2017, former U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremy Voss was awarded the keys to a payment-free Kia Sorrento thanks to a generous donation from Wells Fargo and awarded through our Transportation4Heroes program. He successfully completed his year in the mentorship program where he focused on getting his families’ finances where he wanted them to be.

“With no vehicle payments and the financial mentorship program, we were able to pay off both our other vehicle and student loans,” said Voss. “The vehicle and program have been great because the financial stability they provided was also pivotal in our new debt-free life.”

Voss initially joined the Army in 2005 and served a tour in Iraq before being injured. He is a Purple Heart recipient, father to twins, and now 100% debt-free and living happily with his family in Iowa. For more information about the Transportation4Heroes program, or to apply for an available vehicle in your area, visit https://militarywarriors.org/vehicles/ today!

Jeremy Voss Poses with His Wife and Twins#ThrowbackThursday

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