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Citizens Bank Supports Wounded Veterans This Holiday Season

A few months ago, Citizens Bank generously donated, refurbished and furnished a home in Aldan, PA for a combat wounded hero and his family. For the holidays, they took their partnership with our foundation to another level.


The Greater Philadelphia team at Citizens Bank helped make the holiday season merry and bright for three other combat wounded veterans and their families that have participated in our programs. See the stories below!


When Retired U.S. Army Specialist Max Poyer and his family were contacted by Citizens Bank, they humbly requested a ham dinner. When the family was told to make a list because they were being taken on a $600 shopping spree, the family was moved to tears.



Vicky Antoniou, Delaware Region Manager for Citizens Bank said, “We are so fortunate to work for a company that supports our veterans and our local communities.” Vicky will personally continue the relationship with the Poyer family by leading her region to help this family in the future with things like yard work, snow removal and more.


Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Damian Schuyler and his family requested a turkey to make the holiday extra special. When Lancaster Reading Regional Manager Steve Minnich arrived at the home with not only a turkey, but $600 worth of groceries and gifts, the family was overwhelmed with joy!



Drew Charlton, Del Chester Region Manager and Retail Director Jeff Pearlberg gave the gift that keeps on giving to Former U.S. Army Specialist Ted Daniels and his family. They were delighted and grateful after being provided with a month’s worth of groceries!



The family was very emotional and appreciated the gift more than words can say. Drew warmly said, “This day will be forever a highlight in my career here at Citizens.”


Military Warriors Support Foundation can’t thank Citizens Bank enough for continuing to support our nation’s combat wounded veterans through their generous donations.


For Immediate Release

DALLAS, TX OCT 23 —North Texas Ford Dealers joined forces with Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF) to honor three combat wounded veterans who reside in Texas. Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Carlos Colon, Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Busby, and Retired U.S. Army Specialist Lee Sage were highlighted in an episode of the Texas Tributes series which was released on October 15th. These amazing heroes were given the opportunity to share their stories and talk about the impact that MWSF’s programs have had on their lives.
Purple Heart recipient Retired U.S. Army Sergeant Carlos Colon was awarded a home in 2011 through MWSF’s Homes4WoundedHeroes program which awards mortgage-free homes to combat wounded heroes and Gold Star families. Along with the home, Colon received 3 years of family and financial mentorship to help him pay off debt, learn how to save and prepare him for successful homeownership.
“It changed my way in a really good way. At least having my family in a stable home, my kids have been going to the same school since 2011.” said Sgt. Carlos Colon (Ret). “They’re really happy. They’ve been with the same friends already for seven years.”
Earlier this year, Purple Heart recipient Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Busby was awarded a Ford F-150 through MWSF’s Transportation4Heroes program, which awards payment-free vehicles to combat wounded heroes and Gold Star families. Along with the vehicle, Busby also received 1 year of family and financial mentorship.
“There’s not a good enough word to describe them.” said Former SSgt. Jeremiah Busby about Military Warriors Support Foundation. “Amazing. Just the overwhelming level of care that they give. . . You can feel the love when you’re in a room with one of them.”
“At Military Warriors Support Foundation we’ve been able to award over 800 homes, nearly 40 cars, countless apartments and then you look at all of the families, heroes and Gold Stars we’ve been able to touch- the numbers are into the thousands.” said Andrea Dellinger, Senior Vice President of Military Warriors Support Foundation. “I always know people are out there looking for ways to give back to our nation’s combat wounded heroes and Gold Stars, and I encourage them go out and find us. Figure out if we’re the organization they want to support, and if so donate. That will help us continue to serve our nation’s combat wounded heroes and Gold Stars.”
Watch the Texas Tributes episode highlighting these heroes and Military Warriors Support Foundation below:

About Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF)
Military Warriors Support Foundation was founded in 2007 by Retired Lieutenant General Leroy Sisco. Our mission is to provide support and programs that facilitate a smooth and successful transition for our Nation’s combat wounded heroes and Gold Star families. This is a very fragile time for these heroes, and their families, and it can be difficult for many. Our programs focus on housing and homeownership, employment, as well as recreational activities and transportation assistance. For more information on MWSF and all of their programs, please visit
About Texas Tributes
The Ford Texas Tributes series honors those who represent the Best in Texas by making a difference in our community. A person, group or organization can be nominated to be featured as a Ford Texas Tribute. For more information on Texas Tributes please visit
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Homes4WoundedHeroes Testimony

We are in the final process of transferring the deed of the house over to us, lots of good people behind the scene to make this process smooth and painless.


Like we have mentioned before, there is no words to describe how grateful we are, grateful to MWSF, donors and lots of other generous people that made this possible.

The feeling is like what we felt over in the beginning of this journey, unreal, happiness, and tears. We can’t believe that this beautiful home is ours, a home that offers us a sacred space to retreat from our daily lives issues, a home that offers us a sense of safety, a home that is bringing lots of good memories past and future.


Over the three years we have experienced the joy of doing some beautification projects outside and inside. This experience has also brought me some sense of calm and relaxation and pride. It is kind of therapeutic for me to work around the house, because I knew that after three years, this beautiful home will be ours and the feeling of a proud homeowner.


MWSF not only donated this house to us, but they have also provided a safety blanket over the shoulders of myself and my family. They also provided us with a very kind and helpful, financial mentor.


A financial mentor who has educated me and my wife on how to better manage our finances, and about the many responsibilities of being a homeowner. With their help, we have finally paid off all of our debt, debt that couldn’t allow us to own a home.


With their help, we can gladly say that we are ready to tackle the many responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. And the responsibilities of using money and credit in a responsible way.


I don’t get tired of saying this but I truly believe that MWSF is the true definition of what making a difference looks like, they’re building hopes, dreams, joy and happiness for our Combat Wounded Veterans and their families, Gold Star families and many others.


My family and I will be forever grateful to you, the many other donors and countless people that made this amazing nonprofit organization possible and our dream of owning a beautiful home.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much and God bless you all.


The Oribio’s Family

T-Shirt Fundraiser – Limited Time

We are always looking for ways to spread the word about what Military Warriors Support Foundation does for our veterans.


The selling of these limited edition shirts will help support our mission. These items are produced using very high quality apparel, Net proceeds from these sales will go to support the mission and programs of this foundation.



shirts-multiple-colors shirts-multiple-styles wear-red


T-Shirt Fundraiser – Wars Change, Heroes Don’t

We are always looking for ways to spread the word about what Military Warriors Support Foundation does for our veterans.


The selling of these limited edition shirts will help support our mission. These items are produced using very high quality apparel, Net proceeds from these sales will go to support the mission and programs of this foundation.



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What Are You Thankful For?

If you are wondering what to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, you just don’t know where to look.


…for the Heroes who gave their life on the battlefield and for the Gold Star families who lost their Hero; for our Heroes who have seen hell on earth defending our freedoms; for the Heroes who returned safely home to their families; to the Armed Forces members of our nation who take upon themselves an oath to defend the United States; to the Heroes who were physically wounded on the field of battle and to the those who carry with them wounds that are invisible and will never be seen.


As a nation, we have many things to be thankful for, and as a Foundation we are thankful for over 700 Heroes and their families celebrating Thanksgiving in their OWN homes this year. We are thankful for all of our Heroes and there are no words that can fully express how truly indebted we are to these men and women. They haven’t just sacrificed on the field of battle, they sacrificed time away from their families, they sacrificed seeing their kids grow up. The move-in ready, mortgage-free homes which we are privileged to award, is our gift to them to help make up for lost time with their families and removing the worry of a mortgage payment is the best gift we can present our Heroes.


On this Thanksgiving –
Military Warriors Support Foundation reminds you to remember our Heroes. Include them in your prayers. But don’t stop there, don’t be thankful just today, be thankful to them for as long as you live.


Military Warriors Support Foundation

T-Shirt Fundraiser – Show your support for our heroes!

We are always looking for ways to spread the word about what Military Warriors Support Foundation does for our veterans.


The selling of these limited edition shirts will help support our mission. These items are produced using very high quality apparel, Net proceeds from these sales will go to support the mission and programs of this foundation.






Formal Presentations // August

Jose Cevallos formally presented at the Toby Keith Concert in Tampa, Florida – Click the photo for more
Jose Cevallos Toby Keith DPSG (38)


Gilberto Rojas formally presented at the Darius Rucker Concert in Irvine, California – Click the photo for more


Lapatrick Black surprised with the announcement that Pulte Homes’ Built to Honor program will be building a brand new home for him. Click the photo for more


Mark Deleon was presented at the Laura Berry Skeet Shoot near Mathis, TX – Click the photo for more
Laura Berry Presentation


Michael Poirier was presented at the Darius Rucker Concert in Charlotte, North Carolina – Click the photo below to see the news coverage – Photos coming soon!


Dominic Fernandez was presented at the Bryan T. McDonough American Heroes Golf Classic in Stillwater, Minnesota – Check out the photos below.


The United States Marine Corps has confirmed the violent attacks against our United States Armed Forces took the lives…

Posted by Military Warriors Support Foundation on Thursday, July 16, 2015

American Freedom Est. 1776

On April 19, 1775, the Minutemen of the colonies and the Redcoats of Great Britain clashed at Lexington and Concord with “The shot heard ’round the world.” The American Revolution was the first war that we, as Americans, would be involved in. As anti-British sentiments grew among the colonists, the idea of independence and revolution became more favorable.
Independence Day is the commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by our forefathers in 1776.


On July 4th, 239 years ago, the delegates of the Continental Congress accepted that historic document and declared America’s freedom from Great Britain. The American Revolution would continue on until a peace treaty could be agreed upon by The United States and Great Britain in 1783.





Americans were called to take up arms and defend their right to live under a free democracy. About 6,800 Patriots were killed in action; 17,000 recorded deaths were from disease and 8,000 to 12,000 died from starvation or disease as a Prisoner of War (POW).


Like in the American Revolution, our military men and women today are called to serve in the fight for the freedom Americans enjoy everyday. In celebrating your right to live freely this 4th of July, we challenge you to take a moment to remember those heroes that so bravely earned us our freedom, as well as those who have carried on the battle and continue to stand up for liberty today.